Persepolis (Takht-eJamshid) :

The oldest historical and cultural monument of this territory is Persepolise (takht-e jamshid) as the origin of history and civilization of the old Persian is situated 65km northeast of city of shiraz and reminds the Iranian national pride. The Majesty and pride in the stone structures of Persepolise even after 2500 years of construction of this stone building inspired dear passengers. The earliest remains of Persepolise or Parse date from 512 BC. According to the historical texts the construction of this old historical complex have been lasted 150 years.


Shiraz Baazar

Vakil Bazar:

Vakil bazar is one of the artworks of zand dynasty. This bazar was built after vakil mosque in years of 1180. It is cross shape and located in the historical center of city. The bazar has beautiful old shops, courtyard, handicrafts and antiquies.


Shiraz Gardens

Eram Garden:

One of the most beautiful Gardens of Shiraz is Eram Garden that its Sarvenaz (tree) is famous in the world.The Great art work of Qajar period is located in the middle of the garden like a Gem. It shows the unique drawings, Stone carving, tileworks, stucco decoration. The ornamental flowers and varied species of plants, converted the Garden into a very attractive place for the tourists.


Shiraz Celebrities


Saadi was one of the great poets of shiraz that after Ferdosi made the beautiful sky of Persian literature more  glorious. He is not only a great poet of Iran but also he is a great orator. He was born in the first of seventh century in shiraz city. His family were religious scholars and he was trained by his father but his father died when he was a child and he was under the support of his mother. At first he learned Islamic sciences and then left his town for Baghdad to pursue a better education. He enrolled at thee famous an-nizamiyya. He was not only famous in Iran but also in Hindustan and Anatolia eyelet.


Shiraz Museum

Shiraz is famous because of having many old buildings that belongs to before and after Islam.Today some parts of this building converted into museum  that  have precious works of discovered history of Fars Province.


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